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Oh the smells of fall. There are reasons people flock to Vermont during the fall season, but one is the silence you experience and the views you get from your surroundings here. From the moment you wake up and feel the crisp air hitting your face to the different scents hitting your nose as the sun warms the day. Most visitors seem to find themselves in cabins around lakes for the foliage photos and that quiet still morning experience with the small lake waves hitting the beach. My wife and I did a bed and breakfast in South Royalton for that peaceful away from society experience located near a river.

We rented a small tiny cabin on a very nice open property close to my brothers home. I think the best thing about this option were the chickens who woke us up in the morning and the hike you could take to a miniature waterfall in the forest attached to the property. I had been looking forward to this part of the trip because this is where I grew up. My time spent during my childhood was always outside adventuring the woods or farms of Vermont. Here it seems time can fly by or be really really slow. I remember laying on top of hills watching clouds fly by and just getting lost within time and space itself. The different adventures I went on were priceless memories that flood my brain every time I come back here to this state.

On this trip we started at the bed and breakfast late Friday evening. We got to town and visited with my brother. It was wonderful seeing him and his wife. After a great visit we went back to our cabin and retired for the evening hearing the chickens clucking and getting settled in for the night. When we woke I had flashbacks of the fall mornings I remember when I was young. I stepped out the door and was hit with a crisp cold morning air and was welcomed by the dew on the grass. The cold morning made me want a nice hot cup of coffee so I made sure to make my way to the main house and indulge my senses.

Vermont often reminds me of how hard things can be sometimes and how you always need to stay on your toes but also that you need to enjoy what life can give you. When we first arrived the foliage was still a bit green with very few trees turning but my wife and I soon discovered that we were in for a fall show. The few short days we had spent here turned into a fall festival of views. Considering the last time I was here in the fall was several years ago and to my delight Vermont did not disappoint on colors. My brother and his wife had been wonderful and showed us around places to eat and see, which made the trip absolutely wonderful. I appreciate the time I spend with them and I know my wife and I enjoyed ourselves thoroughly. We spent our last day in Vermont visiting with my grandparents before they themselves head south for the winter. The view from their house as always was breathtaking as today was a reminder of how far up we are in the sky.

As my brother and I got out of the car while a top the hill where my grandparents live, we were both reminded of the smell of winter coming and looked at each other and smiled. We both knew that Gram and Grandpa were leaving at the right time. Of course that same day my wife and I were due in Philadelphia so our time with the grandparents was short but we made the most of it. After saying good bye to them and then saying goodbye to my brother and his wife we set off for our last adventure for our vacation.

I hope you enjoy the photos below, they were taken though under a lot of low light conditions due to weather.

Thank you

Mike McCarthy

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