Preventing Winter Cycling Injuries

Some tips for this winter with those in mind that are riding in this cold season-

Picture from Cycling Weekly (Image credit Andrew McCandlish)

I plan on riding this winter (for me mostly indoors). For the folk who are the braver one's to go out and adventure frequently in the cold here is a couple tips for you.

Being a cyclist, my body is the engine for the bicycle that I enjoy riding. Joint pain in our knees and hips can impair us in this weather. It’s important to have the proper seat height so we’re not placing too much pressure on our patellas or over-stretching our hamstrings when we pump the pedals.

But joint pain can still happen when your bike fit is perfectly suited to your body type. Just like with all winter activities, when it cools down, you are more susceptible to joint and other injuries. That’s why it’s imperative you warm up your muscles (I sometimes do a quick ride on the indoor cycle trainer in the house, then a quick stretch) and joints before you ride. These are some common stretches you can do to help lower the risk or injury.

-Forward & backward lunges

-Air squats

-Walking knee to chest

-Upper-body twist

-Forward & backward arm circles

Lunges and squats will help warm up the joints in your knees and the keep the legs stretched for performance.Keeping these joints and muscles warm will also keep your knees functioning properly throughout your ride. Also doing these stretches in and out of your kit you might be wearing will be helpful in warming it up because lord knows its cold out there.

Thank you for reading this article and I hope it can help some fellow cyclists out there this season.

Mike McCarthy

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