So for starters I am new to the scene of blogging. I have had a lot of friends in the past who have had blogs. They are all successful beautiful people now (I honestly don't know if thats true about them lol). So this being my first post I thought I would introduce myself and give you a little background about me. My name is Mike McCarthy. I grew up in the great state of Vermont and after a long journey found myself in Springfield IL. I am into cycling (new found hobby), snowboarding, swimming, and tennis. I am married to my wonderful wife Staci and we love to travel, she is also the photographer for the blog (pictures coming soon). I work for a semi truck dealership here in town for my day job. I am also an Independent Freight Agent for Landstar Ranger and co-own an agency here in town. I also do private consulting from time to time for my friends that are needing beginner business advice or if time allows for me to take on a new private client. I am currently working with a couple new sponsors including a brand ambassador position to be announced here soon (fingers crossed). That will be something I have never experienced before but I look forward to the relationship and hope to grow with my new sponsors. Next year I am planning on doing some cycling races (maybe around 5 in total if time and weather allows) as well as a century ride here in Springfield next fall. I would like to state as well that this blog will be used for personal and business purpose. I hope everyone will enjoy the content and please feel free to use the chat function on here for questions or reach out to me using instagram (link below). There will be videos on here as well (bare with me on those I am new to that scene). I guess we will end on that positive note and I look forward to the future of this blog and bringing you content you like.

Thank you

Mike McCarthy

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