Cycling Plans For Next Year

Well I am just going to come out and say it.... I got approved for a USA Cycling License to become a Cat 5 (beginner) racer for 2022.

This has been something I have been working towards for a few months now. I am not 100 percent on which races I will be in (due to COVID restrictions), but next year my plans are to stay within or close to Illinois if possible.

There is several personal thoughts that helped push this decision. My history with sports comes from my time in Florida and at private school in Massachusetts. When I was younger I had competed in several swim race events on a team that was well coached and well trained as well as several different sports at private school. To add to this my grandfather was a heck of a personal sports coach and a wonderful individual who is driven to see me succeed at whatever I put my mind too (he still is to this day no worries lol).

An added bonus to next years racing is I have signed on with INNERFORCE for their 2022 cycling team division. I am working on the dates for the races and locations that I will be racing for them in a calendar page on the blog that people can follow (I am still researching how to do this). I will also include these dates in the email newsletter I put out when there are new posts scheduled for the blog. If you wish to keep informed please subscribe to the email newsletter (it is located on the front page of the blog at the bottom).

I will also try and post group rides I will be participating in as well for mainly the Springfield Bicycle Club in case people want to ride along in a group environment next year.

With this all being said there are a lot of hours ahead for training and I am looking forward to working hard for Team INNERFORCE and showing some great results next year!

INNERFORCE makes great products for cyclists so if you are interested go check them out! Their logo should have a link attached below. I have also included sponsors who are helping keep the blog updated and maintained by the Wix.

On that note stay tuned for more info and thank you for stopping by and seeing what's going on in my life.

Thank you

Mike McCarthy

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