Brand Ambassador (For The Cycling Enthusiasts)

So first off I want to say thank you again for visiting this blog and taking time out of your day to see what goes on when I am not mindlessly wandering through Instagram (happens a lot lol). I have been contacted recently by a great company who's mission aligns with something I normally don't talk about, but I will be bringing up in a video in the future. I would like to announce that I have partnered with Cyclowing to represent them as a Brand Ambassador. Cyclowing is a store that sells great products used in the cycling community that covers many of the different categories. Their product also is very affordable and is made with high quality material. I am greatly honored to team up with them and their team. Cyclowing is very generous and donates a portion of each sale to the special needs charities all over the world. I am going to post their mission statement below as well as my link to their website so they know I sent you there. I look forward to growing my relationship with them and their future efforts with the special needs charities they donate to.

My link to their website is:

Thank you

Mike McCarthy

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